Full Metal Village

Thursday, 14 October, 19:00
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43
Directed by Cho Sung-Hyung, Germany, 2006, 90 min., 18+

Every year, approximately 40,000 heavy metal enthusiasts descend upon the sleepy Schleswig-Holstein village of Wacken - population 1,800 – for The Wacken Open Air festival – one of the biggest heavy metal concerts on the planet. While most would suspect that the peace-loving locals might be extremely upset by the flood of unsightly Cannibal Corpse and Death Angel fans who have been crowding into the town every summer since 1990, South Korean filmmaker Cho Sung-Hyung paints a much different picture. Filmed in the tradition of a German "heimat" or "homeland" film, Heavy Metal Village highlights the manner in which the tolerant citizens of Wacken have actually come to embrace the rebellious music fans who put this quaint, north German town on the map despite the annual havoc it wrecks on their tranquil routine.


Private chronicles. Monologue

Saturday, 16 October, 17:00
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43
 Directed by Vitali Manski, Russia/Finland, 1999, 94 min.,18+

The collective life of the generation born as Jurij Gagarin became the first man in space. Vitali Manski has woven together a fictional biography – taken fr om over 5.000 hours of film material, and 20.000 still pictures made for home use. A moving document of the fictional, but nonetheless true life of the generation who grew up in this time of huge change and upheaval.

Farewell, Herr Schwarzn

Saturday, 16 October, 19:30
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43
Directed by Yael Reuveny, Germany/Israel, 2013, 96 min., 18+

Winner of the Best Documentary Prize at the Haifa International Film Festival, director Yael Reuveny's FAREWELL HERR SCHWARZ is a cinematic journey about buried family secrets, the Holocaust (fr om a third generation perspective) and how it is never too late to reclaim your heritage. Siblings Michla and Feiv'ke Schwarz survived the Holocaust but never reunited after the war. Michla moved to the soon-to-be-founded Jewish state in the Middle East and started a family there. Her brother Feiv'ke considered dead returned to East Germany, married a German woman and inexplicably lived amidst the concentration camp ruins wh ere he was once a prisoner. The Israeli and German sides to the family lived unaware of each other for half a century until first time filmmaker Yael Reuveny probed exactly what happened to her family in 1945

Traitors to the Fatherland

Tuesday, 19 October, 19:00
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43
Directed by Annekatrin Hendel, Germany, 2011, 90 min., 18+

Once with the Stasi, always with the Stasi? Once you were in the agent controller’s grasp you could never escape – that’s what they say, anyway. Writer Paul Gratzik was an unofficial informer for the GDR State Security Service for twenty years, broke with them in the 80’s and exposed his identity. “Vaterlandsverräter” (“Traitors to the Fatherland”) is a portrait of an exceptional man whose tumultuous life was propelled to extremes. Now more than 20 years after the end of the GDR, this is a story that was never told before.


The Last Russian Limousine

Thursday, 21 October, 19:00
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43

Directed by Daria Khlestkina Russia (Moscow School Of Documentary Film And Theatre Of Marina Razbezhkina And Mikhail Ugarov), 2013, 73 min., 18+

Faced with the relentless demise of the factory they work at, Mikhail, Andrey, Nina, Vladimir, Nadia and Luda – bosses, foremen, engineers and workers of the giant Moscow automobile plant ZIL - cling to established routines and professional pride to stay upright in a world which crumbles around them. When an order comes in for the production of three of the factory's legendary hand-made limousines, once the centrepiece of Soviet military parades on Moscow's Red Square, Mikhail's team of hand-picked specialists throws itself at the opportunity to show what they are worth.


Mr Bachmann and his class

Friday, 22 October, 14:00
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43
Directed by Maria Speth, Germany, 2021, 217 min., 18+

Wh ere does one feel at home? In Stadtallendorf, a German city with a complex history of both excluding and integrating foreigners, genial teacher Dieter Bachmann offers his pupils the key to at least feeling as if they are at home. Aged between twelve and fourteen, these pupils come fr om twelve different nations; some have not quite mastered the German language. On the brink of retirement, Bachmann is eager to inspire these citizens-in-the-making with a sense of curiosity for a wide range of crafts, subjects, cultures and opinions. Watching this absorbing, sensitive documentary, one is overwhelmed with the realisation that, if only all children were blessed with such emotionally intelligent, ever-patient educators, conflict would be mitigated via discussion and John Lennon’s “Imagine” could be our reality. Those who, like filmmaker Maria Speth and her cinematographer Reinhold Vorschneider, are able to recognise and highlight so beautifully not only the importance of education but also what a quietly spectacular process it can be, are heroes in their own right, too.

The Coup

Friday, 22 October, 19:00
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43
Directed by Sven O. Hill, Germany, 2019, 82 min., 18+

Q&A mit dem Regisseur.

In the summer of 1988, a 22-year-old bank clerk robs a bank. But he doesn’t do it in the  traditional way, shouting “Hands up!” with a gun in his hand. Instead, in a brilliant coup, the  young father exploits a security gap at the bank wh ere he works and diverts millions into  his own pocket. 

He uses the stolen money to abscond to Australia, fr om where he calls his partner back  home in Germany to tell her what he has done. But she refuses to bring their young son  and join him – he was not expecting that! His Australian hotel room becomes a gilded cage  as his longing for his family intensifies.  

He is presented with a choice: to lead the luxurious life of a millionaire, or to return to his  hated humdrum life in Germany – and his beloved son.  

“I stole that money for you and for him! For us! 

What am I going to do now?” 

In a mixture of feature film, documentary and animated film, the film tells the true and  unbelievable story of an unusual bank employee based on original interviews.


The Homecoming

Saturday, 23 October, 13:00
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43
Directed and filmed by Tim Boehme, Germany, 2020, 97 min., 18+

Bernd would love to be just a „normal“ guy, but his mother drank alcohol during her pregnancy and damaged Bernd’s brain forever. Social workers took Bernd away fr om his family as an infant, and since then he has lived in orphanages and in foster care. He doesn’t know his mother, not his father and not his sister. In fact, he is not even sure that his sister really exist! Bernd is a man without family history and that’s a big problem: „Sometimes I think, I’ve been cloned in a factory or something; that I’m not a real person.“ The 38-year-old farm worker is determined to find his identity and embarks on an adventure with his work buddy, Joann, to visit his old hometown. The trip takes them fr om Flintbek, through Hamburg, to his birthplace Berlin wh ere Bernd has a hot lead to uncover his past!

Hey! Teachers! 

Saturday, 23 October, 15:00
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43
Directed by Yulia Vishnevets, Russia, 2020, 90 min, 18+

Two young intellectuals, Katya and Vassya, come to a small industrial town to work as teachers. They want to change the system of scholastic education and the social situation in difficult regions. The school is a closed conservative world, wh ere obedience and discipline are of the highest value. Young teachers discover that nationalism, sexism and homophobia are typical for their new environment. Children see the school as a prison and are completely indifferent to any new ideas. During one school year we observe attempts of our protagonists to bring new practices into the system. Young teachers try to speak with children about feminism, human rights and Russian politics, but the system pushes them out, and a comedy turns into a drama.

Her first feature length documentary “Hey! Teachers!” participated in various international film festivals, including IDFA, earned Special jury mentions at Krakow International Film Festival and at Golden Apricot International Film Festival and a National Prize "The Laurel Branch"


Maman, Maman, Maman

Saturday, 23 October, 17:30
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-433
Directed by Lucia Margarita Bauer, Germany, 2019, 37 min., 18+

Far too rarely do we experience the process of saying farewell as an absurd and potentially hilarious story. Lucia Margarita Bauer's grandmother Babet Berger died on April 6, 2012. The story of her semi-criminal transfer fr om the southern German town of Riedlingen via Paris (including a bus tour and Seine trip) to the French grave of her husband was the starting point for the film 'Maman Maman Maman'. She embarks on a search for her own roots and, as can be expected, gets caught up along a few detours. As with her debut feature 'The Snake In The Jar' fr om 2013, Lucia uses many cinematic sources in 'Maman Maman Maman' – letters, photos, items of all kinds, cousins' cellphone videos, recordings made by her great-grandparents, as well as Super-8 films made by her grandmother herself. The result is a kaleidoscope-like anti-portrait, with particles striving in all directions while the center remains obscure until the end – about life and the deep relationship between tragedy and comedy, slapstick and death.

Bless you! 

Saturday, 23 October, 17:30
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43
Directed and edited by Tatiana Chistova, Russia, 2020, 31 min., 18+

   As the Covid-19 pandemic reaches Russia the government imposes a strict round-the-clock curfew on its population of elderly. Millions are stranded in their flats, some without immediate family, access to medication and even food. A municipal helpline is established for those seeking help in this extraordinary situation and we listen into some of the hundreds of phone calls received each day. These short conversations give a rare insight into the anxieties of those who grew up in Soviet Union and have largely been left to fend for themselves after the fall of communism. 

Pepperstein. Surreaility-show

Saturday, 23 October, 19:00
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43
Directed by Evgeniy Mitta, Russia, 2021, 70 min., 18+

Pavel Pepperstein is one of the most iconic artists of his generation and an active participant in the international art scene. The film "Pepperstein, Surreality show" explores the origins and plot twists in the life and work of "psychedelic realism’s” creator. Pepperstein talks about his childhood among Moscow conceptualists, friends of his father Viktor Pivovarov and the raves of the 90s, as his whimsical graphics come to life by means of animation, complementing the kaleidoscope of the artist's life.  

The Secretary of Ideology

Saturday, 23 October, 21:00
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43

Directed by Yuriy Pivovarov, 2019, 50 min., 18+

Ivan Komendantov is only 16 years old. But he is already the secretary of ideology at local Komsomol committee of Moscow. Ivan wants to quickly become an adult, so he enthusiastically takes up any business: whether it be the rise of world economy or a special task to seduce a girl.


Saturday, 23 October, 21:00
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43

Directed by Nina Guseva, Russia (Moscow School Of Documentary Film And Theatre Of Marina Razbezhkina And Mikhail Ugarov), 2019, 43 min.

“What is success? Does nature have this concept? Successful tree or not successful tree? It's just a tree. Successful bird or not? It is just a bird.”- these are Rosa Khayrullina’s thoughts, one of the most extraordinary actresses of our time.

Quicksilver Chronicles

Sunday, 24 October, 13:00
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43
 Directed by Ben Guez & Sasha Kulak, Russia/USA, 2019, 85 min, 18+

Quicksilver Chronicles is a contemporary portrait that shows the present-day of three characters who, in their youth, had an incredible amount of idealism and energy with the expectation of creating an alternative version of the “American Dream”.
This is an affectionate and also realist portrait of the end of their lives, what aspects of that dream failed and what of that enthusiasm/zeal of their youth they maintained until the end. It’s meant to be a balance of the sadness and disappointment that they have suffered and the beauty that the created through their friendship and their choice to live in this wild place.

Garage People

Sunday, 24 October, 15:00
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43

Writer and Director Natalija Yefimkina, Germany, 2020, 95 min., 18+

In post-Soviet Russia there is a phenomenon beyond ice fishing, matryoshkas and vodka: the garage settlement. Tin huts, inhospitable fr om the outside, provide a refuge for a large number of Russians – mainly men. According to their own taste and away from all rules, with ingenuity and tenacity, alternative habitats are created on just a few square meters. Scrap collector Ilya uses the garage as a production facility, Roman uses it for his quail breeding, Pavel carves skillful saint figures, and Viktor has added four underground floors to his space over the decades. Everything is here, and everything seems possible. The garages are an expression of a retreat into the private sphere, an escape from everyday life. Behind the Arctic Circle, in a rough area wh ere a mining company is the only employer, the garage remains the last chance for self-realization – and comes across as diverse as the dreams of its owners. 

Walchensee Forever

Sunday, 24 October, 18:00
Kino "Zarya", Prospekt Mira 41-43
Directed by Janna Ji Wonders, Germany, 2020, 110 min., 18+

Director Janna Ji Wonders tells the story of the women in her family over the last century. The film’s unifying element and silent chronicler is Lake Walchensee in Bavaria, wh ere the family opened a café in 1920 which still exists today. The family matriarch and café founder Apa, bequeaths the business to her first-born Norma who continues to run it until the age of ninety. Norma’s daughters Anna and the world as musicians Munich. Frauke pines for the love of her life, becomes a shadowy figure for those left behind. Restless Anna moves to the USA, wh ere she unexpectedly falls pregnant and gives birth to a girl. Summoned by the shadows of her past, she returns with daughter Janna to Walchensee wh ere Norma becomes an important figure for her granddaughter. Filmmaker Janna is searching for answers to her own questions: What is the meaning of home? To what extent am I shaped by my origins? What really bond between these four generations of women different approaches to life.



Meeting with Marina Razbezkina

Thursday, 21 Oktober, 13:00
Place: School for creative industries, Ul. Azovskaya 4
Film director, producer, educator.
Founder the School of Documentary Film and Theatre.

Winner of many Russian film festivals, including the National Award "Lavrovaja Vetv/Laurel Branch", member of KinoSoyuz, the Russian Cinematographic Art Academy "Nika", the European Film Academy and the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences "Oscar". Author of over 30 documentaries and two feature films. Winner of several Russian and foreign film festivals.

Meeting with Evgeniy Mitta for the "School for creative industries" students

Friday, 22 Oktober, 17:00
Place: School for creative industries, Ul. Azovskaya 4

Yevgeny Mitta is a director, artist-director, producer, actor, screenwriter, architect. He graduated from the Surikov Moscow State Art Institute in 1988. In 1988-1992 he was a co-founder of the first Russian contemporary art gallery, First Gallery. One of the founders of Paperworks Gallery at ARTStrelka Center. Since 1994 member of the Moscow Union of Artists. He has worked as a set designer and art director at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. In 2007 initiated a series of documentaries Anthology of Contemporary Art dedicated to well-known artists. He lectures in museum and educational spaces.

Round table „Observation method in documentary film: from portable cameras to gadgets“

Saturday 23 Oktober, 11:00
Place: School for creative industries, Ul. Azovskaya 4
Moderators: Mikhail Ratgauz, Nelli Muminova and Alexey Artamonov

Observation method has been one of the main principles of documentary filmmaking since the early 1960s. But every long tradition has its own history, its own ups and downs. How does the observation method is performed today? What does it offer, what can it reach, and what remains beyond its scope? How does it respond to the demands of our time? What aesthetic solutions does it dictate to filmmakers and what artistic vocabularies does it use? And what is its relationship to competitive approaches to documentary filmmaking? Observation method: double-checking in the moment.

Cinema workshop for the students of the "School of creative industries"
Essay film

18-23 Oktober
Place: School for creative industries, Ul. Azovskaya 4
Coaches: Katja Fedulova & Anar Imanov

  A poetic film is a combination of a poem (by German and Russian poets) and a short film. During the workshop we will talk about what a poetic film is based on and how the two media are connected: the poetic language and the language of cinema. Using examples of outstanding films, we will show the importance of sound, music and image within this hybrid genre and pay attention to how diverse the approaches of poetic films can be. Using a specially prepared collection of texts, we will invite workshop participants to find a suitable work or passage, create a shooting concept based on it, choose a visual direction, and finally create their own poetic film. We hope that the experience of the creative workshop will contribute to understanding the meaning and structure of a poetic film - perhaps the freest direction in modern cinematography.

Guests and Participants

Marina Razbezhkina

Film director, producer, educator, founder of the “Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov school of documentary film and theater”

Born in Kazan. Graduated fr om the Philological Faculty of Kazan State University in 1971. Has been teaching documentary film directing since 2004. In 2009 she founded the School of Documentary Film and Theatre.

Winner of many Russian film festivals, including the National Award "Lavrovaja Vetv/Laurel Branch", member of KinoSoyuz, the Russian Cinematographic Art Academy "Nika", the European Film Academy and the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences "Oscar". Author of over 30 documentaries and two feature films. Winner of several Russian and foreign film festivals.

Mikhail Ratgauz

Journalist, editor, film critic

He graduated from the Faculty of Philology of the Moscow State University, studied at Aufbaustudium Film (University of Hamburg). In 2005-2008 he worked as an editor at Esquire Russia magazine, in 2008-2012 he was a deputy editor-in-chief and Society editor at, since 2012 he has been a deputy editor-in-chief and Society editor at

He curated the School of Civil Journalism education project (2015, joint project of and the Committee of Civil Initiatives),  NOW. Constructing Contemporaneity festival (, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, and Heinrich Böll Foundation, 2016-2019), and a number of programmes at film festivals ( Moscow International Film Festival, “Zerkalo” etc).  

Nelly Muminova 

Director, producer, film critic, journalist

Was born in 1973 in Ukraine. 

Graduated from the Cinematography Department of VGIK: editor, cinema critic, Eugene Gromov's studio. 


- producer film «Anomie», Special Jury Prize of the Warsaw Film Festival, the participant International Film festival Mannheim-Heidelberg, film festival «Dvizhenie»/Movement-2016. 

- debuting as director «Extreme Park», Rome International Film Festival-2018

- line producer «War and peace. The view from Russia» for Al Jazeera International, 2019

Work in the media:

«Exberliner» — critic,  observer, critic, portal «All About Culture» at the institution of Culture — critic, columnist, «inTravel», English-Russian guide —editor-in-chief, «Russian West» — journalist, film reviewer.

At present: screenwriting, documentary project management. 

   Alexey Artamonov

   Film critic and curator

  He has written articles on music and cinema for magazines and websites like Séance, Iskusstvo Kino, Afisha, Interview Russia, W-O-S, Look At Me,, Kommersant Weekend and others. Worked as press secretary for the Russian State Central Museum of Cinema and the Message to Man International Film Festival. Former editor of Séance film magazine, Theory and Practice website cinema column, website. Curated programs for the Media Forum of Moscow International Film Festival, Message to Man International Film Festival and Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival. Program director of the New Holland Island International Debut Film Festival. 

Katja Fedulova


Born in Leningrad in 1975. In 1993 Katja went to Germany and enrolled at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel. After receiving her degree, she moved to Berlin in 2000, wh ere she began her film studies at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin (DFFB).

Anar Imanov

Literary scholar, journalist, translator and screenwriter 

Born 1980, studied philosophy and Slavic studies at the University of Cologne. Lives in Berlin.

Tatiana Chistova

Director and screenwriter

Born in St.-Petersburg. Graduated fr om St-Petersburg University (Philological department, Master’s degree). Worked as assistant director in Lenfilm production studio. As 1-AD worked with world-famous Russian directors as Alexander Sokurov, Sergey Bodrov, Alexey Balabanov. Later graduated from Higher Courses for Film Directors in Moscow (the department of directing of feature and documentary movies) and started to write and direct her own films since.

Yulia Vischnevets

Journalist, director

She transitioned into documentary filmmaking from journalism. She has been writing news and features for over 10 years when she got her hands on a DSLR camera and started to record her field trips. These materials turned into clips, then short films and gradually it became her profession. Yulia has directed around twenty short and mid-length films, most of which she also rough edited. Her first independent mid-length film “House on the Edge” was screened internationally at the festivals in Russia, Germany, France and Mexico in 2016. Her short film “Shies” won the Russian independent media award in July, 2019.

Her first feature length documentary “Hey! Teachers!” participated in various international film festivals, including IDFA, earned Special jury mentions at Krakow International Film Festival and at Golden Apricot International Film Festival and a National Prize "The Laurel Branch"

Sasha Kulak

Artist, director and camera operator

Born in 1990, Vitebsk, Belorussian SSR She is a master’s student at Central Saint Martins (London), who works with a variety of mediums and formats as a cinematographer and director. She is the author of the films Salamanca (with Ruslan Fedotov, 2015), Quicksilver Chronicles (with Ben Gez, 2019), and A Hawk as Big as a Horse (produced by Les Steppes Production, Paris; 2021). She lives and works in London and Moscow.

Ben Guez


Ben Guez was born in 1983 in the Soviet Union and at the age of nine immigrated to Chicago. After graduating with a degree in history and Latin American studies from the University of Arizona in 2006, he resumed his documentation and research of large metropolises (Bogota, Buenos Aires, Havana, Mexico City) and isolated communities in the Americas (Sierra Madre in Mexico, Colombian/Ecuadorian Pacific, and maroon settlements of the Caribbean among others). His last two short films “The Memory of Turtles” and “Valentina” participated in numerous festivals worldwide. He worked as associate producer, 2nd camera, and sound mixer for the feature documentary “Antigone” (Pedro González-Rubio, 2018). He finished “Quicksilver Chronicles” as a 2018 San Francisco Film Society FilmHouse resident. He is currently developing his second feature documentary, set in Baja California, Mexico. 

Yuriy Pivovarov 

Director, producer and camera man

Born in Moscow in 1990. After high school he studied philosophy in the Russian State University for the Humanities for 3 years. Since 2013 he works as a first camera assistant in movie production. In 2019 he graduated from the Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov school of documentary film and theater.

Nina Guseva

Director and actress

Born in Moscow in 1988. She graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School in 2011 and works as an actress in Moscow Art Theater ever since. In 2019 she graduated from the Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov school of documentary film and theater.

Evgeny Mitta

Director and producer

Graduated Moscow State V. I. Surikov State Institute. In 1988 together with his course mates he founded the first private gallery of modern art in Moscow - “First gallery”. Evgeniy Mitta's paintings and installations have been shown in group and solo exhibitions in Europe, USA, Russia and Japan. His works are displayed in various collections in Europe and the USA, as well as in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

He has published several articles in "Art in America", "Flash art" and other contemporary art journals. Since 1987 he has worked as a scene designer for the Sovremennik Theater and the Moscow Chekhov Art Theater. In 2006 he founded "Paperworks Gallery" oriented to graphic and conceptual projects. In 2007 he began to make a series of documentaries about contemporary artists: "Antology of Modern Art". Together with film company "2PLAN2" made 3 full-length films. In 2015, as a director and producer, he released the film about the history of punk rock band Pussy Riot "Act and Punishment". The film was screened at several international festivals. In 2017, Mitta presented a working version of the project "2012" at the International Documentary Film Festival Artdokfest, which became the basis for his media installation "2012. Failed Revolution". In this project, the author explores the phenomenon of the Russian protests of 2011-2012.

Janna Ji Wonders


Born in Mill Valley, California and lives in Munich, Bavaria. She studied at the University of Television and Film Munich, wh ere she directed numerous music videos, shorts and documentaries. Her award-winning films, including the L.A. Hip-Hop documentary BLING BLING and STREET PUNK MOSCOW about young punks in Russia, were shown at International Film Festivals around the world. With her band YA-HA! she released a debut album. Her feature film I REMEMBER was selected for the Berlinale 2015, while her concept for WALCHENSEE FOREVER received the Berlinale „Made in Germany – Award“. The completed film WALCHENSEE FOREVER premiered at the Berlinale 2020 wh ere it won the “Kompass-Perspekive Award”. In January 2020 it received the “Bavarian Film Award”.

Sven O. Hill 


Born in 1975 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Sven O. Hill founded his production company Salto Film in 2008. Already during his studies at the FAMU in Prague and in Hamburg, he directed numerous short films and music clips. A selection of his films includes: THE RETURN (doc, 2008), THE SOUND AFTER THE STORM (doc, 2009), 2 HOCH 5 (short doc, 2011), BAUHAUS SCHULE (short doc, 2015), DANCE IN PUBLIC SPACES (short doc, 2015), MOVING THE CLASSROOM (short doc, 2015), BUNTE SCHULE (short doc, 2017), SCHNIPSEL (short doc, 2018), COCCI (short doc animation, 2018), and COUP (2019). He works as director, cinematographer and producer. 

Lucia Margarita Bauer


Born in Riedlingen on the Danube. Father German, mother French, leaves home at the age of thirteen, lives in Berlin and goes on a journey to the Midwestern United States at the age of fourteen. Her film The Snake in the Jar is based on her memories of that time. In Strasbourg she attends the École des beaux arts and continues her studies in Berlin, completing a degree in experimental media design under Thomas Arslan. In Berlin, she has curated exhibitions at the former HBC and the Santa Lucia Galerie der Gespräche. Her first short film, The Snake in the Jar, premiered at Visions du Réel in 2013. She uses Super-8 fragments, YouTube snippets, photography and archival sounds to reflect on her past. Mamman Mamman Mamman (2019) is part of the IFFR Tiger Short Competition.

Tim Oliver Boehme 

Producer, director and cameraman

Tim Oliver Boehme is a multi-award-winning German producer, director and cinematographer who was born in 1966 on the Flensburg Fjord. At the age of ten, he emigrated with his mother and little brother to the USA, wh ere he later studied "Broadcast Production" at the University of Wisconsin, for which he was awarded magna cum laude in 1989. After a world-spanning journey, he came back to Europe in 1992 for "love" and initially worked as a cameraman and editor for many German broadcasting companies.

In 2007 Tim Boehme tried his hand as an author for the first time. His film "Pflegen bis zum Gehtnichtmehr" is about the courageous mother of a severely disabled adult son. His very first film was broadcast by NDR. Since then, the filmmaker has been particularly committed to social and ecological issues. It is precisely those people who are on the fringes of society that the multi-nominated and award-winning filmmaker wants to give a voice through his works.

The father of two sons lives in a small village near Kiel. Many of his film ideas arise directly from communal village life and the surrounding nature.

Natalija Yefimkina


Natalija Yefimkina (*1983) was born in Kiev in a Russian-Ukrainian family and moved to Germany with her family in 1995. After studying history and literature in Berlin, she worked as an assistant director and production assistant on feature film productions. After several short documentary works, GARAGENVOLK is her first long documentary film and her debut as a director.  

Vitali Manski


Russian-Ukrainian director Vitaly Mansky was born in 1963 in Lviv. In 1982 he began his studies at Moscow's Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography and made his debut in 1988 with the film BUMERANG. Since then, Mansky has made over 30 films that have been screened at film festivals around the world and won over 100 awards, including the Dok Leipzig (MDR Film Award 2013), the Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival (Jury Award 2007), and the Karlovy Vary Film Festival (Best Documentary 2013). Since 1996, Mansky has been collecting amateur footage from the former USSR as part of a large-scale archival project. His goal is an audiovisual memory of private life in the Soviet Union.

Yael Reuveny


Born and raised in Israel, Yael Reuveny began her studies at the Sam Spiegel Film & Television School in Jerusalem in 2000. Since graduating in 2005, Yael Reuveny has lived and worked as a director in both Germany and Israel. In 2009, Yael Reuveny completed the 30-minute documentary TALES OF THE DEFEATED, which had its international premiere at Visions du reel in Nyon and won several awards, including first prize at the Jerusalem Film Festival and the Discovery Award and DEFA Award at the Cottbus Film Festival. Her first feature-length documentary SCHNEE VON GESTERN premiered in late 2013 and has since won several awards, including Best German Documentary at Dok Leipzig and Best Documentary at the Haifa International Film Festival. SCHNEE VON GESTERN was nominated for the Israeli Film Award and won the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Award. It was released in theaters in Israel, Germany and the United States. Her latest film CHILDREN OF HOPE is expected to be released in 2020. In parallel to her work as a documentary filmmaker, Yael is also the creator of museum video installations, including "TUNICATA" (2017), which was shown at the Martin Gropius Bau Berlin as part of the Ulra+ exhibition, and "MESUBIN" (2020), a 21-screen installation that will close the new permanent exhibition at the Jewish Museum Berlin.

Annekatrin Hendel


Born and raised in Berlin. After finishing her studies in design she began to work as a freelance costume and set designer for film and theatre. In 2004 she founded the production company IT WORKS! Medien GmbH, and became its managing director. Her first feature documentary film "Traitor to the Fatherland" premiered at the Berlinale 2011. In spring 2012 the film had its Russian premiere at the "Territorium Film" festival. Hendel's other films like BEAUTY AND DECAY (2019), THE BRASCH FAMILY (2018), ANDERSON (2014), FASSBINDER (2015) also screened with great success at various festivals and in theaters. 

Cho Sung-Hyung


Sung-Hyung Cho was born in Busan, South Korea. She studied Mass Communication Studies in Yon-Sei Universität in Seoul. Cho moved to Marburg in Germany to pursue an MA in art history, media studies and philosophy at the University of Marburg and also studied electronic images at HfG Offenbach.Since the end of the 90s, she has realized various video clips. In addition to her work as a director, she has worked for various Korean print and TV media. Sung-Hyung Cho is a seminar instructor in editing at the Filmhaus Frankfurt and the SAE Institute. She was nominated for the Hessian Film Award in 2001 with YOUR MIND. FULL METAL VILLAGE is her first feature-length film.